i will run today

I will run today.

I will not watch another entire season of Dexter.

I will not drink multiple adult beverages in the company of only myself.

I will not stalk Robin Scherbatskey look-alikes.

I will not cut my hair for the third time in a week.  After consuming multiple adult beverages.

I will not drink 17 shots of espresso in a 4 hour period.

I will not question why I consume so much liquid, none of which is solely water.

I will run today.  

Then I will drink some water and do my laundry and pretend I’m semi-human.  Then I’ll probably watch more Dexter.  Probably while drinking beer and chances are highly likely scissors will be involved. 

But I will run today.

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One response to “i will run today

  1. haha. I will do my strength training today. I will not watch yet another episode of The Walking Dead.

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